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Add a piece of my artwork to your wall.
These original watercolour paintings are all currently available for purchase.

Little Tree & The Moon

Original Watercolour Painting

This little tree sits alone on the point of land in the view from my kitchen window on Exploits Islands. I love its tenacity.

21" x 21"



Custom framing available

Lean in to the Sun_edited.jpg
Tenacious Tree_edited.jpg

Lean in to the Sun

Original Watercolour Painting

In winter, you're likely to find me on cross country skis, marvelling at the crisp beauty of the forest in winter. Those quiet, meditative times are magic for me.

This piece takes you to the woods on the outskirts of Corner Brook in Western Newfoundland and the scenery of Blow Me Down Trails nordic ski club. Also known as my happy place.


Watercolour on paper




Snow Squall

Original Watercolour Painting

Winter trees have been a favourite subject of mine almost since the beginning of my journey as a painter. 

In winter, I spend a lot of time enjoying the nordic ski trails at Blow Me Down Trails on the outskirts of Corner Brook. This piece depicts one of the sweet trees along a trail called Bog Slog.

6" x 7.25"

Unframed (custom framing available)


Also available as a giclee print


The Broken Button

Original Watercolour Painting

Watercolour and found object on paper
Framed with salvaged wood

The buttons in this piece were found by my neighbour on Exploits Islands. A resettled outport in Notre Dame Bay off Newfoundland’s northeast coast, Exploits is now home to a community of seasonal residents. The place is rich with history and these buttons were uncovered during the construction of a new cabin on a piece of land where another home once stood. The buttons are made of glass, wood, or bone - materials which have been replaced by plastic for most of the buttons produced today. No one knows exactly how they got there, but I’ve imagined that they were dumped there by someone who was getting rid of “useless” things.

This work considers the things we throw away, what is considered useful, and the ways that everyday objects have maintained their form and function while modern manufacturing processes and materials have changed.

12" x 16" (painting)


August Sky

Original Watercolour Painting

I love to paint the yellow houses I get to call home for parts of the year on Exploits Islands and Fogo Island.
This piece captures the seaside sky on a hot August day.

4.75" x 12.25"

Unframed (custom framing available)


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