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...and still the wildflowers grew.

Eco-dyed silk using wildflowers of Gros Morne National Park
Solo show at the Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre (2021)

There's a whole world at your feet, if only you stop to look.


I love to look at the natural world at a macro level and last summer I did a lot of looking as I explored the botanical world of Gros Morne National Park.


I approached this project with the spirit of discovery – everything from my time in Gros Morne, to making the eco-dyed silk was a playful adventure with no tightly defined outcome in mind.


I tried to just let it happen.


While in Gros Morne, I experienced deep peace and connection with nature. And I found great comfort in the fact that while our human-constructed world was in turmoil, the flowers were still there, growing and thriving.


It seems to me that creating space for this protection and connection is what National Parks are designed to do.

(All plants used to make this body of work were harvested outside of Gros Morne National Park boundaries.)

Thanks to Creative Gros Morne for their support for this project.

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